Dermalogica Skin Care

Hello guys it’s Kayleigh and welcome back♡

Today I am going to be talking about three of my fairly new skin care discoveries which is this trio of moisturiser, a toner and facial wash from Dermalogica.

Every six weeks I get my eyebrows waxed and the women who does this recommended these products. She gave me a box of these three products to allow me to try them out and see if they work well with my skin.

First of all I am going to explain my skin type. I have a combination of oily and dry skin, I’m prone to become dry around my t zone and I also have oily patches around my nose and forehead. I also tend to get spots around the time of the month, like most people unfortunately.

Now moving onto these products, I have had them for over a month now and I have all most finished all of the products. I haven’t used them every single day but probably 3-4 times a week, replacing it with my Nivea moisturiser and Soap and Glory face soap.

I really like this moisturiser and I have been using it now and then before applying my makeup. As it leaves a matte finish it really helps to remove the oiliness of my skin. I would definitely recommend this to those with oily skin as it would work so well!

However, as I have a mixture of oily and dry skin I only use this on days where my face doesn’t feel extremely dry and tight as it won’t help to reduce the dryness.

Overall, I am going to continue to use this product as I love how it makes my skin feel, it leaves it feeling soft and hydrated which is of course very important in a moisturiser.

My skin Isn’t as dry in the summer so I can see this becoming my new favourite once the whether becomes brighter, which rarely happens here in England. As this moisturiser contains SPF 15 it will help to prevent sun burn, which is very important.

Next I am going to talk about the foaming facial wash. I have been using this during periods of brake outs as it claims to fight breakouts and clear and away dead skin cells and dirt. I definitely agree with this claim because this product along with the toner has helped to reduce spot growth and keep my skin spot free.

Before this I had never used a toner so was unsure on its purpose. After doing some research I has excited to give this product a try.

I have used this every night before going to sleep by spritzing it all over my face and neck. It controls excess oils and also helps to eliminate breakouts. 

I absolutely love this and I have actually used it all up now so I will have to repurchase it!

I have been loving these three products by Dermologica and I am definitely going to look at some more Dermologica products. 

If you have tried any products from this brand then leave me your thoughts on them bellow as I would love to see your thoughts. Also maybe comment your favourite skin care product as I’m always up for trying new things.

Thank you for reading and be sure to check out some of my other posts! See you next Friday. 



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